Saturday, July 3, 2010

A good man on the mats, a better man off the mats

When I was came back after a long hiatus due to a severe injury, one of the few people I trusted training with was my friend Rizan. There was no hesitation at all. I knew that he would not try and bust me up, either accidentally or purposely. He was the default 'good guy' on the mats. Everyone wants to roll, drill or train with him because it's a very positive experience. Every good Jit's gym should strive to have as many of him as possible. They are more valuable than diamonds. Let me explain why

Every person that comes into a Jits class is a rough, uncut, unpolished rock. Some prove to be diamonds and some, well..remain rocks. The latter you stay away from. You know the type. They are excessively rough, do not take care of their training partners, have negative attitudes and are generally a stumbling block to the whole class. Unfortunately, most classes have at least one rock.

The diamonds know that they are being polished and cut, and they accept it. They understand that the process of Jits is a long, character building one and that it will take patience, understanding and humility. In the journey, they are more than willing to assist others; even if it is at the expense of his time and effort. It's a great thing to watch and experience.

Rizan is one such person. That fantastic attitude that he displays on the mat is reflected off it as well; hence the title of the post. There are some fantastic BJJers who would roll you into a pretzel in three seconds but you would not even want to spend three seconds with them outside the gym. And there are others who you would like to spend a hour rolling with, and two hours at the mamak drinking teh tarik with because you enjoy their company

He is one of those people. If you come to KDT, look for him - a good man on the mats, and an even better one off it.


Rizan said...

awwww man...that's the sweetest thing a man has ever said about me!

The bjjmissionary said...

Well the sweetest thing a straight man has said at least. Dunno about the "other" websites though. haha.