Monday, September 29, 2008

Fight Quest - BJJ

Some of you may know of the show called "Fight Quest" where two hosts go around the world and spend five days learning an art and then take on two of the art's top practioners in a sparring match at the end of the five days.

Last night, 'Fight Quest' went to Brazil and trained with Rickson's team. It was quite good as both of the hosts are BJJ practioners (one is a blue and the other, a purple), so it made for some entertaining watching. What was personally interesting for me was watching how black belts rolled. The key differences that I picked up from the show were:

1) Black Belts (BBS) roll with a greater awareness of leverage and less strength
2) They also learn how to pace themselves
3) BBS seem to be calmer, but I guess that this is a function of mat time
4) Their sense of timing is superb

All in all, it was very enlightening from that viewpoint


Rizan said...

FYI, one of the Fight Quest host (the smaller guy) had a fight with a KL cab driver after an argument over the meter fare. Apparently, they were here for a promo stint of FQ for Astro. Rumors had it that he took out the cab driver and two accomplices when they tried to attack him with rods. The FQ guy only sustain minor injuries on his knuckles. This story was widely speculated among Astro employees but was not reported in the media...I'm not sure how true is it. A friend of a friend working at Astro told me this...

Justin said...

You missed the most important lesson of that episode.

5) Wait till Justin gets back. Put him on your car bonnet, and tie the bumper to your forehead....and pull. :)

hehehe.....then we can go mamak after that laaa.

The bjjmissionary said...

Given how he looks the more aggressive of the two hosts and our cabbies reputation for not using the meter...I would say that is not an unbelievable story :-)

Justin, for a moment I thought I read that you wanted to tie him over a car bonnet, and pull his...oh, never mind! The mental image has scarred me for life. hahaha!